Englischniveau Test

Englisch Language Test Online

Der diagnostische Test wurde entwickelt, um Ihnen bei der Entscheidung zu helfen, welches Englischniveau Sie hinsichtlich Grammatik und Wortschatz haben.

Der Test besteht aus 50 Fragen und jede Antwort ist einen Punkt wert. Die ersten 40 Fragen betreffen die Grammatik und die letzten 10 Fragen den Wortschatz.


1. I ________________ from the UK.
2. This is my friend. _____________ name is Julia.
3. James is ______________.
4. My sister is ______________ actor.
5. _______________ 25 books on the shelf.
6. Nadine ________________ horror films.
7. Sorry, I can’t talk. I _____________ at the moment.
8. He _________________ at school last week.
9. I _________________ the meal last night.
10. __________________ a cup of coffee? No, thank you.


11. His house is ___________________ than your apartment.
12. The PC is very old. We’re going ____________________ a new laptop soon.
13. David is allergic to cats. He ____________________ touches cats.
14. We haven’t ________________ sugar.
15. The cinema is _________________ of the casino.
16. Mary ________________ at 6am every day.
17. They _________________ the TV when the phone rang.
18. ________________ seen the Eiffel Tower before?
19. We’ve been married ____________________ many years.
20. You _________________ give me the money. It was a gift.


21. Simone was on holiday last week and _________________ come to the meeting.
22. These are the books ________________ I bought from the bookshop.
23. We’ll visit you next week if the weather _______________ good.
24. Jason is a cook in a restaurant now, but he __________________ as a truck driver.
25. Doris draws pictures ___________________ anyone else I know.
26. She promises she __________________ when she has finished work.
27. If I won the lotto I ________________ the money on my family and a new house!
28. She said that her boyfriend ____________ to speak to her after they had an argument.
29. How about _________________ to eat out tonight?
30. Excuse me, can you ___________________ me the way to the station, please?


31. He told me he wasn’t able to join the meeting. ________________.
32. We should send the parcel today, _______________ it might arrive late.
33. __________________ English, but my course finishes soon.
34. I like many things but what I like more than anything else ___________________ Indian food.
35. She ________________ as a teacher for seven years when she quit.
36. He will be sick from eating too much _________________ he stops eating!
37. If you hadn’t invited me to your party, I___________________ here with you now.
38. We’re late! The film ___________________ by the time we arrive at the cinema.
39. I don’t remember mentioning __________________ dinner together tonight.
40. Was it Neil Armstrong ______________ on the moon first?



41. I know your pc is old and slow, but we have no money, so you’ll have to ______________, I’m afraid.
42. We are going out and it’s raining, so you should __________________ on a raincoat.
43. At the weekend I ______________ with some friends.
44. She ___________________ a lot of photos when she travels.
45. Hi, this is David. Could I ___________________ to Alan, please?
46. They’re coming to visit us ___________________ Saturday.
47. Could you ___________ my report before I send it out?
48. You are very slow to respond – you’re not really _____________ are you?
49. What a great idea – but it’s really ____________ she will agree with you.
50. Your spouse’s brother’s wife is your_____________________